Tips for Epilating

We have compiled a list of hopefully, useful tips to help you while using your epilator.

  • Have a shower or bath before epilating. This will remove any oils on your skin and will open up your pores, resulting in a closer epilation.
  • Rub your skin before you begin epilating. This will lift up flat laying hairs making them easier for the epilator’s tweezers to catch.
  • Epilate in the evening. You will feel more relaxed and any minor skin irritations that you may experience will disappear by the morning, leaving you with beautiful smooth skin.
  • Use your free hand to stretch your skin tight while epilating. This will lift up the hairs and also will help to minimise the pulling sensation.
  • If you epilate regularly hair growth will slow down.
  • If your hairs are too long it is best to trim it before you epilate to get the best results.
  • After you epilate apply your favourite body lotion or oil. Do not use products that contain alcohol. If you have epilated your underarms you can use a sensitive deodorant or talcum powder on your underarms.
  • Exfoliate you skin between epilating sessions.
  • Always try to keep your epilator clean. If you have an epilator which is waterproof like the Braun Silk Epil Xpressive or have an epilator that features detachable heads, give them a good rinse under a tap after use.