Epilator FAQs

We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions and answers on hair removal using epilators.

  • Where on my body can I use an epilator? Epilators can be used on legs, underarms, bikini-line and face. As different parts of the body have different levels of sensitivity, certain epilators come with different attachment heads specifically designed for more sensitive areas. These reduce the number of active tweezers in contact with the skin so that fewer hairs can be pulled out at the same time. Some models of epilators come with shaving head attachments or bikini trim attachments so they can be used on more sensitive areas instead of epilating.
  • Is epilation painful? When you first use an epilator the first few epilation sessions can cause a little discomfort. However the discomfort will decrease over time as your skin gets used to the sensation of epilating. The discomfort experienced can also be reduced by using pre-epilation wipes to prepare the skin or by epilating in the bath or shower using a waterproof epilator.
  • What are the benefits of waterproof epilators? Epilating under warm water using a waterproof epilator minimises the discomfort of epilation. Warm water helps to relax your skin and prepares the skin for epilation, allowing hairs to be removed more gently.
  • Does more hair grow back if I epilate? Epilation does not increase hair growth. Studies have shown that ongoing epilation reduces the amount of hair regrowth.
  • Will my hair grow back darker after epilation? Hair will not grow back darker. However it may appear so at first. Hair will grown back your natural colour before external influences such as the sun, soap, etc… will have discoloured it.