Epilator Shop

Do you want beautiful, smooth legs? If so, you have come to a place where you'll be able to find a wide selection of epilators by a range of brands including Braun, Remington and Philips.

Along with epilators we also display other hair removal products including a wide range of ladies shavers, precision trimmers, disposable razors and IPL hair removers.

Enjoy feeling beautiful with irresistibly smooth skin for up to 4 weeks!

<h2>Ladies Shavers</h2>
A gentle efficient and easy way to smooth legs.

<h2>IPL Systems</h2>
IPL is the most effective and longest lasting method of hair removal.

<h2>Other Products</h2>
A selection of products including pre-epilation wipes, wax, disposable razors, etc…

<h2>Why choose an Epilator?</h2>
Epilators are a quick and easy way to remove excess body hair. They are a great choice for hair removal and can be used on legs, underarms, bikini line and certain models can also be used to remove hair from the face. Using an epilator, hair is removed at the root. This means it takes longer to re-grow than other traditional methods such as shaving, leaving you with smoother skin for longer.

There are a variety of epilators on the market to suit all budgets, all boasting different features from a range of brands including Braun, Philips and Emojoi.

Braun epilators are currently the most popular, the Silk Epil Xpressive is Braun's flagship model. The Braun Silk Epil Xpressive is a rechargeable, waterproof epilator that can be used in the bath. However if you have a tighter budget and are looking for a cheap epilator we have a wide selection with low prices offering great value for money.